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Tips for the combination of clothes with basic colors

You know basic colors are never old-fashioned; hence, some tips to combine Kohl’s clothes with basic colors are very beneficial for you. Please don’t hesitate purchasing wonderful clothes with basic colors at the discounted prices by the use of Kohl’s promo code.


It is believed that black is a perfect color to combine everything and other colors. With the suitable combination, black will be suitable for you to wear in any occasion. In addition, the color is able to enhance the intensity of bright colors. However, if you don’t expect to have an aggressively dark look, please avoid mix black with dark blue or dark brown. Especially, with night party, this combination makes you difficult to stand out from a crowd.

There are series of clothes and items with basic colors at Kohl’s making your own statement become more impressive.


It is easy to combine white with most colors; however, the most perfect combination of white and black will provide you the sophisticated and elegant look. It is noticeable that wearing bright colors such as yellow with white may you look pale.

With the pure color, you need to be careful to avoid making white clothes dirty due to your outdoor activities.


Blue is another basic color to make you become stylish with the combination with black and white. It is considerable for you to create create a fashionable navy look. Therefore, blue is one of vital colors in the wardrobe of every girl. Besides, the color is suitable with beige, camel, grey and red. However, taking into accounting mixing other types of blue together is necessary.


Brown is quite difficult to combine, especially for young people. Even if you don’t know to combine, you may get older and older. The best option is to combine brown with colors in the same tone on the chromatic scale such as beige, cream, earth, sand or camel tones. Some warmer tones such as orange yellow or mustard can be a greater choice.