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Bra fit information from Kohl’s

You known 80% of women lack knowledge about bra size as well as the way to select the right bra for each person; hence, it is easily understood that they often wear the wrong bra size. After reading this question, you can wonder whether you are one of them?

You can set your mind at rest that being a customers of Kohl’s, you will be taken care of carefully with the high quality products and the best services at the discounted price by using Kohls promo code.

There are some signals showing that you are wearing a wrong bra size.

  • Firstly, its cups are wrinkle.
  • Secondly, the top or side of the cups are easily spilled.
  • Thirdly, the center of the bra doesn’t have a flat against your breastbone.
  • Finally, the brand must ride up your back and mustn’t too tight or loose. To check it, please use your fingers to identify the wrong situation.

If you haven’t understood much, please watch a video that are posted on This video will guide you the way to measure your breast. The measurement is regarded as the most important step to select your bra.

There are two basic steps to know your brand size and your cup size. After attaining the result, you can choose your right bra. You should consider finding your perfect styles including full-coverage, full-figure, wire-free, push-up, t-shirt, sports, minimizer, strapless and convertible, ballconette, demi-cup, nursing.

Additionally, Kohl’s also provides a wide range of sport bras for you to have the best performance while you are running, walking or do sports.

However, the way to take care of your bra is necessary for you all days because your breast will be protected better and you will use the bras in a longer time owning to some tips from Kohl’s.

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How to care your bra

Bra is one of the most items in women’s and girl’s wardrobe so keep them in the good situation will protect your breast better. Kohl’s will provide some tips to prolong the life of your bras that are at the most reasonable prices with the use of Kohls coupons 30 off. Although they are quite simple and useful for all women.

Bras should be washed by hand; especially if they include an underwire. The washing machine can have negative effects on the bras; hence, the restriction of washing machine is very good for you. If you are too busy, the use of washing machine is compulsory, please select a “delicate” or “hand wash” cycle and fasten the clasps.

  • It is necessary to choose a mild detergent and lukewarm water; however, you must avoid use extreme heat or highly concentrated detergents for your bras that come with dark colors. The valid temperatures are printed on the
  • It is the best when leave your bras dry in the air and line it drying flat; therefore, please don’t put them into the dryer to protect them.
  • With bras in different colors, please keep them separately in washing to avoid fading.
  • Wash your bra after you use the reduction of discoloring.

Besides, taking care of them well, you will have a chance to have perfect bras if you understand your bra size and choose your right ones. Whenever you feel comfortable when you wear your bras.

In another note, everyone has different shapes so it is important for you to choose the right bra size to have the comfort all days. That helps you have a lifetime of happier bra shopping and wearing. Additionally, breast problems will be restricted. It is sure that with tips how to care for a bra and have deeper understandings.

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The bra fit event at Kohl’s

The “Bra fit” is a special event that Kohl’s and bra brands want to express their love with women, their loyal customers. When participating the event, you will havea chance to buy one, get one with brass at $24 – $44 by the use of Kohls coupons 30 off.

The event takes place in stores of the brands in the fixed time; therefore, choose your local states to seek your local stores. Besides, please read carefully to know the timetable at each stores or get more details involving the program. Stores are available at 52 states of the USA so wherever you stay, you will receive benefits from the event. Before you go to any store, it is necessary to contact them to confirm event timing that will help you avoid the waste of time for waiting.

You know there are 80% of women wearing the wrong bra size. Are you one of them? Don’t worry, when you purchase at Kohl’s, you will be directed to choose the right ones for you. With the careful direction from staffs, it is sure that you will know to select your right bras and sport bras. Therefore, come in for a free professional bra fitting and see how the proper fit makes all the difference.

That is a great opportunity for you to purchase the items for your woman. Certainly, they will be happy all days due to your impressive presents. It is wonderful when you can make them joyful as well as save some bucks.

Please grab your favorite bra as soon as possible because the even will ends October 25, 2015.

This program is sponsored by great bra brands including Bali, Lily of France, M, Olga, Playtex, Vanity Fair, Warners.